Smart home landing so difficult, small size of the touch scr

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         The traditional home appliance manufacturers such as Haier, Midea, Gree are redoubling its efforts to accelerate the intelligent transformation, Haier to be tireless in teaching to the industry and the masses discuss "U +" wisdom day channel program, beauty and millet married together launched a variety of smart appliances, Gree in order to plan future smart home ecological and forced into the smart phone market and tried to occupy intelligence days of imports. But the performance of the whole market is not perfect, as if in the "money to buy the future" stage. But the difficulty of smart home also led to the touch screen mall in the doldrums. Where is the problem? We might as well from the players in the smart home industry chain analysis and understanding, early this year listed in the section of Apple's smart watches driven touch screen to the small size of the burst, but is in the smart home watches cost collective worthy of contemplation, and "smart home" the most accurate spend collective, 80, 90 and even after 00 but due to spend to weak and be swept away outside the smart home of the target population. So the cost of smart home to control the pace of the touch screen manufacturers. Intelligent home is difficult to fall apart from the reasons for the cost of the crowd, there are a lot of reasons from the internal. Smart home maker conflicts, who want to do norms, is not willing to make the concessions, like Haier U + has been well perfect channel, and provides standard interfaces, but some manufacturers of non cooperation has brought great resistance. This occurs in doubt, if a family of so-called smart appliances are chosen to use a different standard, can not communicate between the Internet, it is not the real sense of smart home, but the pseudo smart".
         Junye Electronic Science and technology of touch screen manufacturers in the future smart home domain still is high hopes, such as constraints on the cost of collective, the small size of the touch screen development mall can strike at a karaoke machine, a la carte machines.

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