Car touch screen to continue to carry out the road to contin

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         Along with the Internet technology increasingly advancing and used throughout the, to use more mobile Internet mobile health, intelligent home integrated Junye Electronic Science and technology companies active development comprises a flexible display screen, touch screen, new products, trying to get used to the market needs to carry out.
         For a show car, medical, industrial and other professional using the shopping malls of TP in the field, the use in the field of shopping for professional use of the store, along with touch control function to price increases and reduced increasingly, capacitive touch screen in the professional use of field mall gradually began to soak, during which the United States Tesla (Tesla) as the representative of the electric vehicle has began to adopt a capacitive touch screen technology as in the vehicle control screen, followed the car brand manufacturers, Internet companies such as joint development of car networking market future vehicle use the growth space of shopping malls are relatively broad. But at the same time, according to the professional use of shopping malls demanding requirements, has a solid industrial chain supply system and relatively stable market, the growth rate of the market is relatively slow, it is difficult to show an explosive growth of smart phones. Junye electronic technology uses existing touch screen and display skills and produce resource advantage, active development of the vehicle display and touch screen market, focus on the automotive, medical, industrial and other professional use mall development, Junye Electronic Science and technology more than ten years automotive professional experience, professional heart vehicle navigation touch screen, industrial touch screen. Customers throughout the automotive electronics, digital control, smart home, electronic equipment, etc.. Junye electronic technology for Konka, cruiser, Hao Yang Xi, Dragon century, card in the US and Europe, Zhengwei world and other well-known companies to provide services.

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