The show into a vehicle touch screen display

time:2016-02-27 09:30 Edit:Junye

    Looking forward to for a long time, the Shanghai auto show in 2015 20 at the National Convention Center was opened.

    One of the highlights of this year's show, that is both Audi, BMW and other car manufacturers, are more in touch screen instead of the traditional physical buttons, more and more brand equipped with more capacitive touch screen, this is perhaps now touch career slump a wisp of spring breeze.

    Touch screen Audi shift lever places at the University of Zurich, Mazda6 selection suspension of touch screen display and so on, not equipped with capacitive touch screen control system, the luxury car dare said "luxury"?

    Vehicle touch screen will become the support for touch screen manufacturers are the main pillar, from the point of view of the Shanghai auto show, car professional high-speed increase has been blown to the touch screen career, this trend has been more and more significantly.

    Junye electronic technology at the beginning of 2013 will now begin to pay attention to vehicle touch screen using a mall, has been using touch screen technology and produce resource advantage is active development of onboard touch screen shopping malls, now with BMW, Mercedes Benz Car Navigator manufacturers reach collaboration.

   China's car industry such as intelligent mobile phone touch screen to screen as rapid development, but also face barriers and skills certification barriers. Along with the development of relevant skills, car touch screen market matures, standard for future touch screen will become a car, car touch screen will be in the field of car use rate will reach 100%.

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