The development trend of computer television integrated mach

time:2016-03-01 09:44 Edit:Junye

      At this time, giving people the feeling of PC mall has rarely seen from the desktop. Hear this, basically is the portable intelligent etc. these mobile and desktop items, occupy some primary stores, but now it seems the counter displays more notebook.

     If a traditional desktop PC in order to decline decline is still more exaggerated, then from the increase of the global PC market, notebook is now replace replace desktop become the PC market to increase the key contributor to the real fact, the future Desktop PC to keep rising, will face no small challenge.

     Of course, today PC stores appear desktop and notebook only relatively prosperous. Now the increasing speed of notebook mall now more than a desktop PC, although the increase in desktop PC still slow.

     Now relevant agencies through detailed analysis, the desktop market primary orientation in DIY (high-end crowd), at its own cost and expense, (mainstream and high-end equipment), the company (main equipment) and the company's own mixed (mainly inten low-end) four user group. In the four group of users, some new river main stream users (including cost and commercial) of the flow of the notebook market.
Actually the upstream manufacturers constantly don't want desktop can keep rising trend, mainstream PC makers also hope for desktops. Contact computer television integrated machine is the year beginning up to seek new ways to increase the confirmed.

     From the perspective of the philosophy and selling contact computer television integrated machine and its design comparison on conventional desktop PC with fine fashionable (compared with traditional desktop PC, with small size, less connection, low noise, novel appearance fashion) and functional (performance) and user experience and good in notebook (larger screen, good handling characteristics is its biggest advantage.

     But this advantage is link between contact confidential computer television integrated balance quotation and functions, that let the market and users can feel its price. In this condition, computer machine selling point to broad user acceptance and bear.

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