The opening of Dongguan's first subway Line 2 on the 27th-th

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   At 10:40 am on May 27th , With a whistle, Dongguan first subway - Metro Line 2 is in use. So far, Dongguan officially entered the "Metro Times", and became the 27th metro cities. From the beginning of Dongguan Line 2 stations that is located in the hub of Guangzhou-Shenzhen, Dongguan civils that go to the Guangzhou-Shenzhen can easily achieve "railway connect subway", that is  high-speed rail connects subway and  subway connect motor car.
The first phase of Line 2 in Dongguanhas 15 stations from Dongguan to Humen, including Dongguan Railway Station, Dasan Station, Liuhua Park Station, Xiaqiao station, Tempo Station, East Station, Qifeng Park  Station , Hong Fu Road station, Xiping station, Gedi station, Chen station, Liaoxia station, Shan Mei station, exhibition center station, Humen station. Line 2 is the inland traffic line of Dongguan city, but the opening of line 2 is convenient for the majority of commuter between Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The downtown area of Dongguan is far from Dongguan Railway Station and Humen high-speed rail stations. It cost citizens half an hour by car. However, since the opening of subway, the two junction center station can achieve Guangshen metro access, the time of taking the subway of the public can be greatly shortened.

At 12:00 on the 27th, with the Dongguan's first official opening of Metro Line 2, the public can buy tickets at 15 stations along the bus stop. The subway station has a complete package facilities, not only equipped with multiple vending machines, as well as passenger information systems and other machines, you can inquire about the surrounding public transport and road information. The station also has a drinks machine, bread and so on, the price is reasonable. Reporters experienced the purchasing process by means of vending machine.  They found that the system responded quickly. Touch the destination site and the number of ticket, then the tickets and change money emerged very rapidly. Touch-screen ticket vending machines use capacitive touch screen. The transmittance and clarity of capacitive touch screen surpass  resistive screen. It can support multi-point touch capacitive touch and has lomg using life. Capacitive touch screen needs a light touch, without the pressing operation and has high sensitivity, and it can be touched with gloves touch.

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